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Detection and quantification of wave trends in the Mediterranean basin2024Aristodemo Francesco; Lira Loarca Andrea; Besio Giovanni; Caloiero TommasoDYNAMICS OF ATMOSPHERES AND OCEANS
Climate analysis of wave systems for multimodal sea states in the Mediterranean Sea2024DE LEO Francesco; Cremonini Giulia; Corrales-González Manuel; Besio GiovanniAPPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH
WRF data assimilation of weather stations and lightning data for a convective event in northern Italy2023Maggioni E. C.; Manzoni T.; Perotto A.; Spada F.; Borroni A.; Giurato M.; Giudici M.; Ferrari F.; Zardi D.; Salerno R.BULLETIN OF ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Application of machine learning techniques to derive sea water turbidity from Sentinel-2 imagery2023Magrì Stefania; Ottaviani Ennio; Prampolini Enrico; Besio Giovanni; Fabiano Bruno; Federici BiancaREMOTE SENSING APPLICATIONS
Transient inverse energy cascade in free surface turbulence2023Boffetta G.; Musacchio S.; Mazzino A.; Rosti M. E.PHYSICAL REVIEW FLUIDS