Universita di GenovaUniGe ¦ EcoSystemics


  • Andrea Mazzino
    Full Professor

    Andrea Mazzino

    Numerical weather prediction models - Machine learning and data-driven methods - Turbulence and dispersion processes - Extreme weather events
  • Francesco De Leo
    Fixed-term researcher RTD-A

    Francesco De Leo

    Ocean Waves Modeling - Extreme Value Analysis - Tides - Coastal Morphodynamic - Coastal structures
  • Andrea Margarita Lira Loarca
    Fixed-term researcher RTD-A

    Andrea Margarita Lira Loarca

    Coastal Extremes Modeling - Littoral and Wave Modelling - Coastal Impacts and Hazards - Climate Change
  • Manuel Corrales Gonzalez
    Post-doctoral fellow

    Manuel Corrales Gonzalez

    Wave Numerical Modelling - Coastal Protection Structures - Wave Energy and WECs
  • Julio Ivan Davila Carrazco
    Post-doctoral fellow

    Julio Ivan Davila Carrazco

    PhD in science and technology for electronic and telecommunication engineering; Super resolution for weather forecast
  • Peter Enos Tuju
    Post-doctoral fellow

    Peter Enos Tuju

    Extreme weather events - predictability and dynamics using numerical models and Machine Learning Techniques
  • Danilo Lisboa
    Post-doctoral fellow

    Danilo Lisboa

    Ocean Monitoring - Wave Forecast - Machine Learning
  • Vallabh Ambure
    PhD student

    Vallabh Ambure

    Coastal Flooding - Climate Change
  • Federico Baronetti
    PhD student

    Federico Baronetti

    Wave Modelling - Artificial Surfing Reefs
  • Daniele Carnevale
    PhD student

    Daniele Carnevale

    PhD in Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Engineering
    Weather predictions - Ensemble Forecasts - Machine Learning for model calibration
  • Filippo Giaroli
    PhD student

    Filippo Giaroli

    PhD in Risk and Resilience Engineering for the Natural, Industrialized and Built environments
    Sea Level Variations due to Climate Change - Coastal Flooding Risk
  • Brunella Guida
    PhD student

    Brunella Guida

    Environmental Modelling of Tidal Bays - Numerical Modelling - Machine Learning
  • Enrico Moresco
    PhD student

    Enrico Moresco

    Tidal flooding
  • Giovanni Salomone
    PhD student

    Giovanni Salomone

    Dredging Modeling - Machine Learning for Dredging Impacts
  • Beatrice Maddalena Scotto
    PhD student

    Beatrice Maddalena Scotto

    PhD in Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Engineering
    ICT Tools for Dispersion in the Sea
  • Mattia Scovenna
    PhD student

    Mattia Scovenna

    PhD in Engineering for Marine and Coastal Environments
    Mixing Processes in Fluids - Oceanography
  • Rammahi Zaman Adel Al Rammahi

    Rammahi Zaman Adel Al Rammahi

    MSc in Environmental Engineering
    AI-driven assessment of coral reef degradation
  • Sydney Elisabth Cargill

    Sydney Elisabth Cargill

    MSc in Environmental Engineering
    Eco-friendly materials for Maritime Applications
  • Dakota Fee

    Dakota Fee

    MSc in Environmental Engineering
    Interaction between Posidonia Oceanica and sea waves
  • Abigail Cooper MacKenzie

    Abigail Cooper MacKenzie

    MSc in Environmental Engineering
    Coastal Inundation Risk
  • Agustin Nunez Farina

    Agustin Nunez Farina

    MSc in Environmental Engineering
    Coastal Morphodynamics - Machine Learning
  • Alessio Pedullà

    Alessio Pedullà

    MSc in Environmental Engineering
    Climatic prediction of lightinngs via hybrid AI-enhanced algorithms
  • Andres Fernando Real Jimenez

    Andres Fernando Real Jimenez

    MSc in Environmental Engineering
    Climate Change Risk Assessment in coastal areas
  • Jessica Guadalupe Tobal Cupul

    Jessica Guadalupe Tobal Cupul

    MSc in Environmental Engineering
    Natural-based solution to restore coastal wetlands
  • Monica Meriggi

    Monica Meriggi