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Presenting CoastSnap Sturla

A Global Citizen Science Initiative to capture our changing coastline


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The coastal landscape is a dynamic and ever-changing environment, influenced by natural forces and human activities. To understand these changes and predict future transformations, Meteocean research group proudly presents CoastSnap Sturla, a global citizen science initiative aimed at monitoring Sturla Beach in Genoa. This project invites the community to actively participate in documenting the evolving coastline of Sturla Beach using a powerful technique called photogrammetry, a specialised technique that converts photographs into precise measurements and models of physical spaces. When applied to coastal monitoring, it allows our researchers to create detailed and accurate representations of the coastline. The photos are processed using this technique, transforming them into valuable data for scientific analysis. Participants can take a picture of the beach using the designated support and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #coastsnapsturla or with an email at meteocean@dicca.unige.it 

Each photograph shared becomes a part of a larger dataset, enabling researchers from the University of Genoa to track and forecast coastline changes over time and to better understand the factors driving coastal changes. This information is essential for developing strategies to protect and manage our coastlines in the face of environmental challenges.

Join the Initiative

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, your photograph can make a difference.

1.Visit Belvedere Lina Volonghi in Sturla.

2.Take a picture of the beach using the designated support.

3.Share your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #coastnapsturla or via email at meteocean@dicca.unige.it 

By participating, individuals contribute to a global effort to monitor and preserve our precious coastal environments. 


This project has been made possible thanks to supporting funds made available by PNRR-PE-RETURN and it has been implemented thanks to the collaboration among MeteOcean Research group at DICCA-UNIGE, CoastSnap, Comune di Genova, Genova Ocean Agora and GoTo. And your contribution once you send us the photo!