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Ocean Wave Modelling and Climate Impacts: Advances and Future Directions

Professor Giovanni Besio is Guest Editor of the Joint Special Issue


Call for papers - [Azzurro Font Rettangolo]

In a collaboration bridging expertise from around the globe, Giovanni Besio together with Adem Akpinar, Bahareh Kamranzad, Siming Zheng, and Zhaoqing Yang curates a Joint Special Issue on "Ocean Wave Modelling and Climate Impacts: Advances and Future Directions" in conjunction with Ocean Engineering and Ocean Modelling journals. The diverse scopes of these participating journals will lead to a fascinating collection of papers for readers and high visibility for authors together, to explore the multifaceted and the transdisciplinary nature of this essential topic.

This collaborative issue will provide a platform for the latest research advancements and insights in the field, and we are confident it will be of interest to their readership.


They invite contributions for high-quality research outcomes to this special issue, and welcome submissions on any related topics. 


For further information on submission guidelines and deadlines, please visit the links provided below.