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We are an interdisciplinary group working to advance scientific understanding of a wide range of fields, from atmospheric, ocean and coastal dynamics to the development of coastal engineering solutions for a sustainable management of natural systems in a changing climate.

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From Global to Local, multiscale research of environmental processes in the atmoshpere and in the ocean with engineering applications

Our research lines comprise:
Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Atmospheric and Ocean modelling: hindcast, forecast and climate projections
Ports and Marine Structures
Renewable Energies: marine, wind, hybrid
Climate Change and Coastal Impacts
Dispersion of pollutants, macroand micro-plastics
Nature-Based Engineering Solutions


Learning never exhausts the mind

We believe that by bringing together international researchers, we can broaden our perspectives and enhance our understanding of the complex challenges facing coastal communities. Our seminars provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics, and industrial experts to share their research experiences, indulge in interactive discussions, and participate in technical sessions.


We eager to pass our experience and knowledge to young students and scholars

The MeteOcean Research group’s teaching approach is characterized by a balance of theory and practical problem solving. Our courses range from basic Fluid Mechanics to Environmental Engineering applications, and cover a wide range of subjects in the field of Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Atmospheric Physics, Coastal and Harbour Engineering, and Coastal Oceanography. Our staff provides a well-rounded education, equipping students with both foundational knowledge and the ability to apply it to real-world problems. This balance sets our teaching activities apart, making MeteOcean Research group a unique and valuable learning opportunity.


If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together

We are a wide diverse group of researchers from various backgrounds, experiences and cultures. We put passion and enthusiasm in developing our research and providing young students the skills and the know-how in the field of Environmental Engineering and Geophysical Processes.

Open positions

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We are always eager to involve young scholars and researchers in our group offering different types of working positions (Ph.D., Post-Doc, Assistant Researcher). Please have a look if there is an opportunity to collaborate and work with us!


Support from institutional, public, private and industry sector

The research developed in our group is supported by different public and private entities, from European institutions to engineering and consulting companies, as for local institutions such as municipalities and regions. A strong capacity of transferring knowledge and translating a strong theoretical background in practical applications it is the distinguishing mark of our interaction with the public and private funding

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